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Exhibition Day

Zach Piston

November 27, 2017

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Exhibition Day is a day our school started a year ago where our students present certain projects we are proud of or a topic we are passionate about to the community. On this day our students dress professionally and then present their projects which last for 5-15+ minutes each at least, and our Exhibition day is livestreamed ...

Re-stocking the waters for opening day of trout season

Saturday is a big day for folks who like to fish-- it's the opening day of trout season.

Any Fin is Possible, If You Don’t Trout Yourself!

March 30, 2017

Innovation Tech Students served the community by helping out Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery in Elbridge,...

Protecting the Piping Plovers

Protecting the Piping Plovers

March 28, 2017

Innovation Tech students are soaring to help the Piping Plover, as part of their Science in the News...