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Exhibition Day

Samuel Dibernardo, Science Editor

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I haven’t felt as supported at Innovation Tech as I did on December 21st, 2016.


The day began with excitement for my peers, classmates, facilitators, and I. As soon as I walked into school in the morning, it was very hectic. The LPN and the other rooms were being prepared for the presentations. It was an anticipated event and an assignment for all of us here at Innovation Tech. “I was so impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of work exhibited by our students. Exhibition Day was a success.” said Kristin Brangman, school social worker. Each of us came to school fairly prepared and excited, including myself. Many of us also had practiced a few times before the guests arrived.


The assignment was to create a project that would showcase our work Innovation Tech as well as how Innovation Tech has changed us as students, and as people. My project was called “Connecting Innovation Tech to Kepler 11145123.” My project was based on a blue giant star that is currently located approximately 5,000 light years away and is one of the roundest natural objects ever discovered in the observable universe. I loved the project itself because it perfectly showcased not only what was assigned but also showed who I am as a growing student. I was able to conduct my own research, create a presentation based off that research, and present my presentation in front of not only my peers but a few special guests as well, all entirely on my own. One of the biggest highlights was that I also had the immense pleasure of meeting Senator John A. DeFrancisco.


DeFrancisco and I had a conversation after my presentation, and he actually approached me first and told me that he enjoyed my presentation.
Approximately a few weeks later I received a picture of the Senator and I as well as a letter which said “as Senator of the 50th district, I commend you for your hard work and for your outstanding public speaking ability. I know that your strong work ethic and dedication to your studies will help you achieve your goals.” The support that I received on Exhibition Day was amazing, and it wasn’t only me who was supported like that. My peers’ presentations were so great, and educational! Everyone that I had talked to seemed to be confident in themselves and impressed by others work. I couldn’t agree more because I haven’t seen support before like the support that was received on Exhibition Day in the three years that I’ve attended Innovation Tech. “I liked the entire thing. It was very nice. I liked the part where I met the senator, he was happy.” said Quinn Rivera, Innovation Tech student. Exhibition Day was in fact a success and I couldn’t be prouder of my classmates, peers, and facilitators.

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