Innovation Tech students are soaring to help the Piping Plover, as part of their Science in the News class (SNEWS). Students are creating a website to raise awareness about this special bird.
“The beaches are where (the birds eggs’) they’re hatched and people are walking all over their nests. Even worse, there are racoons who eat the eggs!” said Kiara Marie, a student who’s doing the project. These precious small birds are endangered due to their habitats being disturbed.
The group of students are creating a website to raise awareness for this bird. This website tells you why they’re important and ways they could be protected. Several students created groups to raise awareness for other endangered animals like; the chittenango snail, the short-eared owl,and the bog turtle. The project lasted four weeks and concluded on the 28th of February.


If you’re interested in learning more you can visit the website:


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