In Mr. Feinberg’s fishing and outdoors advisory, students are sprouting an idea that will help them branch out into the community.

One of the four pillars of Innovation Tech is community service, and students in this class are striving to live up to the high expectations for this pillar. There are three other groups in this advisory including: hiking/cleaning trails, fishing lure crafts, and fishing competitions. After establishing their group goal, the gardening group decided to raise money for their field trip to Carpenter’s Brook Fish Hatchery.

“Basically we’re gonna work together as a group to grow a garden and sell the goods we harvest. The money raised will go to our community service day at the hatchery. In the end it’s a win win,” says group member Franky McIlroy.

While details of the garden are still being discussed, the students are very excited and cannot wait to start their garden and make our community a better place. The plan right now is for the group to grow various vegetables from seedling all the way until harvest.

“We’ve really loved the idea of this helping multiple different groups of people, we get to help the community and provide a harvest worth of goods, the people get to have  freshly grown goods, we get to raise money to go on a trip, which in turn helps out the hatchery as well. I see some really great benefits coming out of this,” Antonio MacCombie explains.

“It’s really gonna help our community out, I’m excited to see where it goes,” Tyler Miller adds.


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