Every year here at Innovation Tech, the students work on a big project called Exhibition Day. This year, however, we switched things up a little; before we began working on our Exhibition projects, we were introduced to our College and Career Readiness term, also known as CCR. This occurred for about 3 weeks. During this term, we experienced multiple presentations, field trips, and much more.

Why was CCR so important? It was important because it provided many opportunities to see a successful career path and helped prepare teenagers for the real world. It also pushed students to discover which career we would be interested in once we graduate, and helped us figure out how we plan on achieving our goals. We had a lot of people visit our building and use the classrooms to present in front of us in order to discuss their careers, how they got to where they are, and what we should/shouldn’t do to become successful.

The first presenter, Nick Moore, imparted us with a motivational speech about his past, struggles he had gone through, and how he used those struggles to grow as a person and, eventually, possess a company of his very own. He told us that the only person stopping you, is you. A lot of the adults like him who came in to speak impacted quite a few students at Innovation Tech. Not only was CCR new to us this year, but so was the Exhibition of Excellence. This event was on March 10th, and took place at the OCM BOCES Adult Campus. Exhibition of Excellence was a showcase of the best Exhibition presentations.

Connor Gleasman, a freshman who took part in the event, discussed his experience. He said he had enjoyed being there, and it provided him with a good learning experience. It helped him develop higher level skills when it comes to speaking in front of larger crowds. In fact, he stated that the easiest part for him was presenting in front of a crowd, and the most difficult part was actually creating the slideshow. Overall, Exhibition Day turned out very well this year, and benefited many students. This is a tradition that we change slightly every year, but makes us who we are.


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