It’s that time of the year again; time for a penny war! For those of you who don’t know, a penny war is a type of fundraising method. Two groups or more compete by collecting as many pennies as they can in an effort to win. At Innovation Tech, each family group has a jar where they are to put their money. The rules are quite simple; anything besides a penny will count against the amount already in your jar. A nickel takes away 5 pennies, dimes take away 10, and a quarter takes away 25. One dollar bills deduct 100 pennies, and 500 pennies for 5 dollar bills.


We began this war on March 7th, and it ended on March 28th. Not only was it a fun way to fundraise, but it is also going towards a very good cause. This penny war has been a way to fundraise money for the St. Baldricks Foundation. St. Baldrick’s is a not-for-profit organization with a goal of raising funds to help find cures for children who have cancer.


When the penny war finished, Alexander’s family group had collected the largest amount, and as a reward they had the privilege to choose which color Mr. Sampson would dye his hair (they chose purple.) On March 31st, at Kitty Hoynes, Sampson then had his head shaved to show even more of his support for St. Baldricks. In total, we fundraised $527! This is a very effective way to persuade kids to get involved and help out others, and we will continue to participate in this organization every year.


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