Last year, we started a new tradition here at Innovation Tech- the Family Group Olympics. Now, you may be wondering, “what in the world are family group ‘Olympics'”? Allow me to elaborate.  On Tuesday, October 9th, we went to a park nearby where all of the family groups participated in a series of events. The first activity was Over Under, where each family group is in rows and lined up behind each other, with the goal of passing the ball to your team mates either over your head or under your legs. 

Next, was the Acorn Collection. For this activity, you sprint to the other end of the field to pick up an item, and as you run back towards your team, you must drop the item into the hula hoop. Whoever gains all of the items first is claimed the winner. Then, we did the Hula Hoop Relay, which is when everyone links hands and has to try to get their body through the hula hoop all the while keeping their hands connected.

Afterwards was the Wheel Barrow Race- one person uses just their hands to roam around, as another team member holds their legs. This activity requires great upper body strength. Then, there was the 1/4 Mile Run, which is pretty self-explanatory. Shout out to Dale Paine for landing first place! Good thing you didn’t totally lose your glasses. There was also the Long Jump, where one representative from each group has to try to achieve the longest jumping distance. Lastly, my favorite activity of all- Tug of War.

After completing all the activities, we tallied up the scores. Smith’s family group proudly received first place, with Howlett coming in second and Barry placing third. Good job to everyone that participated!! 


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